The Primitive Aesthetics of Latin AmericaThe Primitive Aesthetics of Latin America --- From Wild Thinking to Magic Realism ----by Pedro Tseng (Art Critic) 曾長生 當鋪Summary When many primitive tribes undertake the process of invocation of which formalities were intimate with art, the priests put on specially made 東森房屋clothing and mask which demonstrate the symbolic totems as the earliest fable symbols in the history of mankind. The American Indian ritual always carries the 房地產elements as dancing, singing, and drum beating. Maya, Aztec, and Inca, they worshiped Sun-god, and all had the historical record for ritual sacrifice of 房屋二胎life-killing in which implied to conduct their people to obey, to awe and to identify, besides, mainly, also courage them dare to fight and no fear to death. First 房屋二胎of all the victim was surrounded by dancing crowd, so as to excite emotions and further stimulate people; such rituals eccentrically arranged by priests have become 有巢氏房屋nowadays rapturous carnivals. After suffering the baptism of blood and fire, whenever Indians move their bodies for remodeled catholic religious dance, 代償they still call to the mind their glorious ancestors. Now, Indian culture, Spanish culture and African culture have been the three sources of Latin American 室內設計cultures of which convergence affect Latin American culture art, and here is magic American reality. Surrealism, deriving from European, compounding with 代償Latin American cross-bred cultures has turned into the reign of known Magic Realism.

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